we truly love magazines

We enjoy engaging with them as readers, and studying them as professionals. As experts we can humbly yet confidently claim we’re exceptional at what we do. We have the experience, creativity and skills to both editorially and graphically conceptualize, structure, create and design amazing publications. From thought to finish, outline to substance, we do it all. That means that the mysterious, overwhelming, or time consuming magazine project you’ve considered is now possible, accessible and exciting!

To use metaphor, a magazine’s like a museum: a single place of reverence where the art of your prized story collection is beautifully displayed and protected for all types of visitors to admire. Your stories live on. They make an impression that’s carried forward into the fibers of how others view you and what you represent. How inspiring is that?




magazine Services


With a communication/development/marketing instrument as important as a magazine, no detail should be left to chance. Each issue is an opportunity to present your unique stories to the world. While some communications and marketing people have experience with words or branding, we have specific knowledge about how to build, structure, improve or manage the publication process. Whether it’s improving editorial quality or beautifying the look, we know what makes one magazine more outstanding and more engaging than the others.

Beyond just doing a design putting together a magazine takes valuable staff, time and financial resources. MAXIMIZE THEM! We’ll take care of it all for you.


small studio with big dream


Janna and Karen have been working together on a range of marketing, advertising and branding projects—from simple to complex—for nearly 20 years. When creative concepts need effective messaging and beautiful presentation, together they create dynamic results. 



happy Clients

You will have a memorable and ultimately fulfilling experience working with Janna and her Magazine Makeover team! They will work with you to crystalize your goals, help you determine the myriad facets of and resources for the story, then professionally do the work to bring it to life! I didn’t hesitate to have Janna speak directly with busy, senior-level execs to respectfully yet personally tell their individual stories. She provided periodic updates to ensure the project was on schedule and budget. The result was a wonderful, cohesive compendium and an elegant representation of our program!
— Louise Kapustka, Executive Dircector, Executive MBA Program, University of Washington
Janna is an inclusive, dynamic and authentic storyteller—not only is she super talented, but kind and welcoming in the discovery and review process. I loved working with Janna on a recent feature story. She made me feel comfortable and engaged from start to finish, and the content positively reflects my journey as a business leader, a military veteran and a mother. Janna works tirelessly to capture the spirit and energy of her featured subjects—I look forward to working together again!
— Kathleen Carroll, Director of Global Talent Acquisition: Worldwide Operations & Customer Service, Amazon