Foster School of Business Executive MBA Program

Foster School of Business EMBA program was celebrating two significant milestone cohorts: Regional 35 and North America 20. An alumni celebration event was planned and the publication was created to distribute at the event. Magazine MakeOver was thrilled to create a unique milestone publication of such a prestigious institution celebrating 35 years of cultivating global leaders. They had no existing publication to work from, therefore we worked on every aspect, from thought to finish including: creating the magazine identity and brand concept, structure, theme, editorial blueprint, content creation, design template, graphic layout and ultimate feel of what was crafted into a stunning portrayal of their exceptional students, faculty and curriculum. Some of the business world’s most notable executives now hold a copy of this magazine in their hand!


magazine Goals 

  • Showcase the milestone occasion
  • Substantially engage past alumni, current attendees and prospective students
  • Market the school’s tremendous progress, reach and impact
  • Convey that at the heart of the program are the people—students, faculty and staff
  • Utilize the opportunity for alumni to distribute/share/recruit prospective students within their own organizations by widely distributing the publication
  • Internal and external public relations tool to solidify relationships between colleagues, partners, board members, donors and constituents
  • Set a high level of messaging and marketing comparative/distinction between their program and similar EMBA programs


The term "edge" has lots of room and meaning. In the context of the EMBA program, "edge" represents BOTH professional edge and educational edge (as in having an edge over others), it represents teetering on the brink of current career status and even higher level of success; it suggests the EMBA as being THE difference in creating and having professional, educational and personal advantages.


editorial prospect

We lead EMBA staff through an evaluation and vetting process to determine the brightest, broadest range of alumni stories. 15 were identified representing large companies (Amazon, Alaska Airlines, Boeing, Starbucks), small business, medical, media and government entities. Foster provided five of the stories that were already written from pre-existing newsletters. Janna had to interview and then write stories about the remaining ten alumni. Stories highlighted who they are in the world and how their leadership and learning from the EMBA is applied at their companies.

UW_Edge p36.jpg


Knowing the audience of the publication is high-level executives, the goal for the magazine design aesthetic was to be professional, classy, contemporary and polished. University of Washington colors had to be featured, although not prominent. Certain fonts needed to be included although not through the entirety of the magazine. The mandate was to adhere to a couple of color and font style guidelines as best as we could, with room for creative interpretation and presentation that more appropriately mirrored the panache and class of the student body.

You will have a memorable and ultimately fulfilling experience working with Janna and her Magazine Makeover team! They will work with you to crystalize your goals, help you determine the myriad facets of and resources for the story, then professionally do the work to bring it to life! I didn’t hesitate to have Janna speak directly with busy, senior-level execs to respectfully yet personally tell their individual stories. She provided periodic updates to ensure the project was on schedule and budget. The result was a wonderful, cohesive compendium and an elegant representation of our program!
— Louise Kapustka, Executive Dircector, Executive MBA Program, University of Washington