LIVE South Waterfront MAGAZINE

sean z becker real estate publication

Sean Z Becker Real Estate wanted to make a statement about who they are as a company, and given their long history in this particular community, to solidify their position as THE real estate experts for, and within, the unique South Waterfront neighborhood.

Sean Z Becker Real Estate had no prior magazine. They were starting completely from scratch in terms of content, concept, format or design although they had some initial ideas of what they wanted it to look and feel like. They were unfamiliar with magazine logistics, cost considerations, procedure, and production.

The staff had an ambitious dream of having an entire magazine being created for distribution at a pre-scheduled community event they were hosting. We only had 4 weeks from concept, to layout, to printing, to delivery, to come up with a magazine brand, a design template, an editorial schematic, write all the content, have the entire magazine designed, proofed, printed and delivered. The turnaround time on this project was incredibly tight and we delivered!


Marketing Concept: 

With so many competing real estate agencies in Portland, Sean Z Becker was forward-thinking and visionary to share his story about his company’s vision, growth, philosophy and community contributions to differentiate him from all competing are agents. He has a history of being part of the South Waterfront development from its earliest beginnings. He wanted this experience to be shown through his various South Waterfront contributions.

Our approach was to editorially and photographically showcase the unique aspects that comprise that specific community—from it’s people, small and large businesses, events, history and neighborhood attributes—to convey an overall impression of “place.” The real estate component and Sean Z Becker as a company were subtly highlighted for seamless integration. 

What Janna and Karen created was ultimately a “lifestyle” magazine about South Waterfront living.

We could not be happier with our magazine! After our first meeting with Janna and Karen we quickly realized they were the right people for the job - true experts who fully understand the process from beginning to end and an absolute pleasure to work with. Their care and passion to see our project and our vision come to life is something that we are so grateful for - Janna and Karen far exceed our expectations I am confident that anyone who hires them will share our same experience.
— Sean Becker, Sean Z Becker Real Estate