We could not be happier with our magazine! After our first meeting with Janna and Karen we quickly realized they were the right people for the job - true experts who fully understand the process from beginning to end and an absolute pleasure to work with. Their care and passion to see our project and our vision come to life is something that we are so grateful for - Janna and Karen far exceed our expectations I am confident that anyone who hires them will share our same experience.
— Sean Becker, Sean Z Becker Real Estate

Working with Janna and Karen brings together two must-haves for anyone seeking to solve a complex communication initiative: They boil down the project into must-haves, and then present a creative vision that encompasses the right tone, voice, and design, and then execute the solution. Having them at the helm of University of Portland’s Brian Doyle commemorative collection project not only streamlined the process, but has also made this initiative even more compelling than we ever imagined.

They are a dream team to work with. Together, their creative talents allow a project to shine – and surpass your expectations. If you are that person whose been tasked with yet another initiative that is critical to your institution and you are wondering how you are going to get it done, Janna and Karen can be just the solution you are looking for.
— Rachel Barry-Arquit, Director, Marketing & Communications, University of Portland

You will have a memorable and ultimately fulfilling experience working with Janna and her Magazine Makeover team! They will work with you to crystalize your goals, help you determine the myriad facets of and resources for the story, then professionally do the work to bring it to life! I didn’t hesitate to have Janna speak directly with busy, senior-level execs to respectfully yet personally tell their individual stories. She provided periodic updates to ensure the project was on schedule and budget. The result was a wonderful, cohesive compendium and an elegant representation of our program!
— Lousie Kapustka, Executive Director, Executive MBA Program, University of Washington

Janna is an inclusive, dynamic and authentic storyteller—not only is she super talented, but kind and welcoming in the discovery and review process. I loved working with Janna on a recent feature story. She made me feel comfortable and engaged from start to finish, and the content positively reflects my journey as a business leader, a military veteran and a mother. Janna works tirelessly to capture the spirit and energy of her featured subjects—I look forward to working together again!
— Kathleen Carroll, Director of Global Talent Acquisition: Worldwide Operations & Customer Service, Amazon

I have never worked on a magazine before. It was so much fun working with Janna and Karen on our EMBA “edge” magazine. I didn’t realize how much hard work, creativity and teamwork it required. Janna was very thoughtful, great writer, asked the right questions, and brought our story to life. Karen was very creative, she allowed you to dream and then she came up with endless possibilities. I appreciated that they were flexible but also timely. It was unbelievable how it all came together into this first-class magazine which exhibited our amazing alums and our EMBA legacy.
— Belina Makonnen, Executive MBA Program, University of Washington

My experience with Janna is that she is a recirculating source of creativity and positive energy. She’s also a rare breed, able to capture the big picture while also paying close attention to detail. She delivers the goods.
— Allison Frost, Senior Producer, Think Out Loud, Oregon Public Broadcasting

I worked with Karen for nearly five years while publishing the magazine, Edible Portland. Karen’s design skills and sense of how to tell a story were phenomenal. Her layouts won numerous awards within our publishing circle, and time after time advertisers were so impressed that they asked for her contact information so that she could design their ads. Karen met her deadlines, was quick and gracious in making edits and changes, and was a treasured member of the team. I’d recommend her for any magazine projects without hesitation. She raises the bar.
— Deborah Kane, Publisher, Edible Portland

Having worked with Janna Lopez for the last several years I can tell you that she is an incredibly dynamic, passionate and creative person. Janna is also very detailed, organized and has great communication and follow through. Janna cares as much about my business as I do, she is a true partner in every sense of the word.
— Melissa Ives, Director Marketing & Promotions, iHeartMedia/Clear Channel Media

Karen Gibson is dynamite. We’ve worked together on creative challenges since 1989. The women is sharp, professional, reliable and right-brain gifted. We’ve designed and constructed huge props for environments with pizzazz and we’ve developed
marketing materials that engage and surprise.

Karen can be counted on for excellence. If I had to choose players for any kind of team, Karen would always be my first choice.
— Dr. Linda M. Organ, Founder, Director of Education, The Discovery Center For Science & Technology

In my later career years I crossed paths with Karen Gibson with whom I worked on a wide range of products for a diverse group of clients including Sony Entertainment, Group Summit, Hamilton Pet Products, Just Cleanse, Riding Right, FITS, iCooper and other B2B and consumer products enterprises mostly located throughout the Pacific Northwest and Taiwan. I found no better partner who works tirelessly and whose creative work product is exciting yet practical, affordable and on target. Karen has never missed a deadline or failed to deliver memorable work. You would be well served by having her in your corner.
— William E. Bartlett, The Ashland Partnership

Janna is a collaborative business leader who works hard to make sure that each transaction you have with her leaves everyone in a winning position. She works hard to understand your business goals, how she can help you achieve them and tries to create opportunities in many facets of her world and yours to bring about positive outcomes.
— Theressa Dulaney, Comcast, VP, External Affairs

How do I start to sing the praises of Karen Gibson? She is bright, creative, responsive and fun to work with on projects. The best part is she can work fast and most of us are always on a, ‘I need it yesterday schedule’. I have worked with Karen for more years than I want to count.
— Sue Horstmann Executive Director Emeritus (retired), Willamette Valley Wineries Association